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Dr. Robert Allaway


Dr. Robert Allaway of Shuswap Optometric is a licensed optometrist graduating with a Doctor of Optometry from the University of Waterloo in 1996. Having been in practice for over a decade, Dr. Allaway enjoys counseling and educating his patients about how they can best maximize their vision and maintain their eye health.

Dr. Allaway hails from Prince George, British Columbia, but moved to the Okanagan with his family after graduating from high school.

Dr. Allaway has a special interest in eyecare projects to foreign countries in need and has been involved in missions to Malawi, Bolivia, Cambodia, Peru, and Tanzania. During one such mission to Peru, a twelve year old boy, Nilson, was very near sighted and had been removed from school because his vision was so poor.  A simple pair of glasses, donated by one of Dr. Allaway’s patients in Salmon Arm, allowed him to go back to school and carry on being a normal kid.

Dr. Allaway is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys cycling, running, Nordic skiing, hockey and, of course, spending lots of time with his wife, Shannon, his daughter, Kieran and his son, Gabriel.

In addition to his practice responsibilities, Dr. Allaway is the current Board President of Eye Recommend, a national group of independent optometry practices.